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Use Case of ixiono Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning solutions towards Supply Chain Systems

Our solution provides the supply chain with intelligence to reduce the operating costs and manage inventory. We make companies use AI along with machine learning to get new insights on warehouse management & logistics.

Some of the technologies used by ixiono in these areas are AI-powered computer vision to identify damage and carry out correction by taking photos of the cargo, using installed cameras and intelligent sorting to palletize shipments & parcels.

Supply chain management:

Analyze performance and come up with new factors which impacts the same area. In order to find the factors and issues which affects the performance of the supply chain, combines the capabilities of different technologies like reinforcement learning, unsupervised learning and supervised learning.

Demand forecasting:

Analyzing large volumes of data offering accuracy in demand forecasting based on real-time sales and improving warehouse management & inventory systems.

ixiono AI solution for Supplier Selection:

Our solution can analyze the data related to the supplier delivery performance, credit scoring, evaluations and deliver information to make decisions for improving the selection of suppliers. Our solution helps to improve the customer experience by personalizing the relationship of customers with logistics providers. Customers can now make use of voice-based service to track their shipment. Improves scheduling and production planning by analyzing different issues and optimize them to situations automatically.

ixiono AI solution for Transportation:

Transportation is based on the predictable pattern which is affected by human errors, traffic or accidents. Here AI predicts decisions based on data analysis. Our methods make use of predictions to know about their volume to simplify planning for the transport. Decision-making tools run by AI help the companies in a better way. Our machine learning algorithms is said to come up with solutions in the supply chain system, logistics and transportation industries.

Ixiono IoT (Internet of Things) application brings a drastic change to the Supply chain solutions.

ixiono AI Computer Vision with logo detection & monitoring software

Our Computer Vision object detection algorithm facilitates specifying object location image based on the set of categories used to train a custom algorithm. We assist organizations and individuals by creating and delivering machine learning based Computer Vision with logo detection systems. Our solutions help in real-time detection and recognition of an image or video and provide vision analytics.

Mining Industry use case of ixiono Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Our solution optimizes the shift plan & overall mine productivity of various planned & unplanned activities which are crucial and helpful in Mining Operations. Predictive algorithms for avoiding breakdowns of equipment by continuous monitoring systems & sensors activity. By this equipment downtime can be reduced or saved.

Our solution predicts bottlenecks, pattern checks for accidents & hazards and enable the operations team to evaluate the safety standards by which operations planning improvement can be achieved

Decision making by proven algorithms and ML through Convolutional Neural Network can be used for data validity in Mines.

Advantages ixiono solutions to Mining Industry:

Mining companies are now focused on to improve productivity and efficiency. So they should be very aggressive in exploring artificial intelligence, machine learning and autonomous equipment to improve efficiency.

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