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Ixiono helps you harness the power of the Internet of Things to optimize efficiency, improve productivity, and cut costs across your organization. With a wide range of industry applications, our integrated IoT solutions enable you to make more informed business decisions to achieve new levels of operation.

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Ixiono’s enterprise-grade applications span industries and markets worldwide, and can help your company achieve operational efficiencies, improve compliance, and profit from innovative ideas.

Automotive & Transport :

Improve efficiency and accuracy for fleet management, asset tracking, and the overall driving experience.

Smart Factory / Industry 4.0 :

Improve Operational Efficiency with real-time visibility into manufacturing and offer new levels of service.

Smart Buildings :

Connect and automate your building and energy systems to transform the way you manage

Security & Surveillance :

Create safer cities, homes, and businesses by remotely monitoring homes, facilities, and public spaces in real-time.

Warehouses & Cold storages :

control of temperature and humidity in warehouses and cold storages for low heating and ventilation costs, also to control products and equipment storage environment parameters.

Agriculture :

Leverage sensors, smart gateways, and monitoring systems to optimize farming decisions and increase output.

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