Improve agricultural techniques using blockchain tools to ensure efficiency, trust and transparency from Farms to Groceries

Agricultural blockchain solutions can help to improve the efficiency, transparency and accountability of the agro supply chain and enhance trust between network participants, addressing many crucial industry challenges such as food tracking, food quality and safety, monitoring and weather forecasting. Distributed ledger technology of blockchain, is finding its way in agriculture, with a great potential to revolutionize the farming. Being a reliable source of truth about the state of farms, inventories and contracts in agriculture, we at ixiono, consider Blockchain as a transformative ICT (Information and Communication Technology) that have the potential to revolutionize how data is used in agriculture sector.

The aspects that we are concerned most while reshaping the agricultural industry with blockchain-based SAS

No intermediaries

By utilizing blockchain, the need for intermediaries is significantly wiped off. Banks, notaries, and many third-party sites are no longer necessary, so you can save money. As a trusted way of storing data, it facilitates data-driven technologies to make farming smarter without any third party involvement.

Simplifying transactions

We found blockchain in agriculture uniquely positioned to not only simplify transaction processes but also to level the playing ground for small-scale farmers and crop growers, especially from poor regions. While providing blockchain based solution we give importance for issues like giving access to small players to blockchain-based platform for trading agricultural products and building trust between market participants.

Crop Insurance

In agriculture, smart contracts (of blockchain technology) have unique implementations of helping farmers to insure their crops and claim damages with insurance companies, skipping cleverly the painfully slow and burdensome process, both on the side of the farmer and the insurance company. We strive over tailor-made smart blockchain contracts, to avoid fraud on claim settlement triggered by changes to unpredictable weather conditions.

Traceability, transparency & trust

The blockchain technology offers a reliable approach of tracing transactions between anonymous participants, enabling consumers to verify their product’s journey, tracing it from farm to table, can thus detect fraud and malfunctions quickly. Moreover, this also helps to address the challenge of tracking products in the wide-reaching supply chain due to the complexity of the agri-food system. The technology thus provides solutions to food quality and safety issues, which ultimately gains trust among consumers & government.

Key takeaways from our blockchain stack up for agricultural industry

IoT powered blockchain for crop and food production

The agriculture sector faces many challenges to overcome, such as: catering needs of increasing population, enabling transparency across supply chain, ensuring justified income to farmers, handling weather fluctuations etc. The blockchain fueled smart contracts coupled with IoT in agriculture can combat all these challenges, remodeling the food production industry (including precision farming, crop health as well as irrigation systems). Our agricultural blockchain solutions will allow you to automate business activities, making seasonal planning, monitoring, fieldwork, and sales.

Platform for food supply chain

Blockchain quite fit well in confronting common food supply chain problems: food quality and safety, food traceability, supply chain inefficiency, and trust. Conscious consumption is one of the latest trends in consumer behavior -- people are keen to know the exact origin of the food, how it has been made, transported, and delivered to their supermarkets etc. We, at ixiono firmly promote transparency across agricultural sector offering a real-time bidding platform built on the blockchain, enabling all stakeholders to bid for the crops and processed food items.

Smart Agriculture

Smart agriculture\farming is featured by the utilization of ICT, internet of things (IoT), and various modern data collection and analysis technologies including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), sensors and machine learning. Between all these, ixiono offers fantastic blockchain solution with ample security & transparency managing your farming in a centralized fashion and standing prone to inaccurate data, data distortion and misuse as well as cyber-attack.

Weather forecasting solution

As the farmers usually have to confront unpredictable weather conditions while growing different types of crops, predicting and monitoring weather conditions are essential to crop survival. Blockchain can help farmers in confronting weather crisis by getting crucial information related to soil temperature (at different heights), air temperature, leaf wetness, rainfall, wind speed, humidity etc. Through coordinating with Agricultural Weather Stations. They can directly query our blockchain SAS to fetch the required information with the help of smart contracts.

Managing Agricultural Finance

The inability to access financial services can have an adverse impact on agricultural value chains’ performance. Blockchain toolkits provided by ixiono bring fairness in the process of agrarian finance via transparency and shared control accessibility. Our blockchain system offers complete ledger of transactions as a verification source for auditors avoiding query to the farmers asking financial reports, which saves considerable time.

Custom Bockchain Apps

You'll be able to expedite a high-quality project through our knowledge, skills, and resources, our blockchain consultants can work with you to define your complex business goals. Whether you need help with back-end systems, desktop applications, or mobile apps, we can design and develop tailor-made blockchain apps deeply diving into your business requirements.