Pull your business to the next level diving deeply with ML into historical & real-time data.

As the world is getting smarter, faster with great attention towards automation in the business world, two important disciplines of Data Science -- machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are attracting investments from the industry leaders for getting faster and accurate results. At ixiono, we offer enterprises a wide array of AI & ML consulting and technical support across Business Analytics, Data Mining, and IoT, helping our clients to maximize their AI & ML investments.

What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning ?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) deals with the technology that can learn to emulate human tasks (like speech recognition, decision-making, language understanding etc.) using prior experience and without any manual intervention. Machine Learning (ML), being a part of AI refers to a scientific study of statistical models and algorithms which is helpful to the computer systems for performing specific tasks from experience without being programmed.

AI architects at ixiono, backed by sound deep learning and machine learning professionals, can explore various domains (manufacturing, healthcare, logistics etc.) which can help you evaluate, maximize and scale opportunities perfectly.

If you want to generate powerful actionable insights quickly converting from the humongous business-relevant data at a reasonable price, ixiono is the perfect destination for you. With our artificial intelligence & machine learning services, you can predict the business pains before they happen.



At ixiono, we can help you to develop customized self-learning chatbot and voice interfaces, that go beyond the Google Assistance and SIRI. Our smart, progressive and scalable chatbot applications lavishing powerful AI Technology and Machine Learning are capable of relinquishing a human-like experience.


ixiono has sound technical resources in APIs development for potential clients. So, if you want the service, then reach us.

Business Intelligence

Empower your enterprise system with high-performing powerful BI solution to get comprehensive computing in your operations and get meaningful insights to perform better.

Machine learning models

Building a machine learning solution is a complex mix of data structures, model training, model integration and architecture. Our technical team is fully capable of providing end-to-end machine learning (AI-enabled) services (with reference industry models) and supervised learning services at a reasonable price.

Natural Language Processing(NLP)

The NLP APIs and services available in the market give approx. 80-85% accuracy – this speaks how complex and difficult is to understand natural language, mining generic data with proprietary. At ixiono, we focus on intelligent NLP solutions (leveraging cleverly machine learning techniques and traditional NLP algorithms) that would give exact interpretation of the text with customer sentiments, thoroughly understanding what people will speak and write in their natural style.

End-to-end security

Our technology experts are ready to assist you in getting required security & scalability measures in your business operations and data integrating with dependable technologies like cloud solutions, to protect your valuable data efficiently.


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At ixiono, As we continue to grow, we don’t lose sight of what’s most important — people. ixiono is a company that was built by family. It’s a workplace where coworkers become friends. Every day we care for our Clients. Care is at the heart of our business, and it’s this distinct Client experience that makes ixiono exclusive in the industry.

Fixed Price

Best suited for small, medium and large size development projects. We allow every customer to pay a fixed price for all milestone deliverables for the entire project lifecycle.

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An ideal for projects where the requirements are flexible and change frequently. The customer is billed as per the efforts invested by the team per month.

SLA/Milestone Based Model

This model is ideal when you need to hire web developers for an iterative and process-oriented project with defined internal and external milestones.

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A team enables you to get best-class, best-of-breed, and highly professional and skilled web developers just when and where you need them.

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