Cloud Solutions

The absolute perfect solution for all your cloud needs with cutting-edge Cloud Business Solutions. Time and again, Cloud Technology has shown and been exemplifying the immense potential to help businesses scale to new heights. ixiono is the leading company providing top-notch cloud business solutions to prepare your business for the future. Assuring you, our team is persistent to avail you with customized cloud strategies that will always help you grow and scale-up much quickly, and this is always good news.

Our Solution Process

Cloud Strategy Roadmap

  • Address your Goal.
  • Develop an Action Plan
  • Map path to Cloud Transformation

Cloud Cost Optimization

  • Identify mechanisms to reduce your cloud spending
  • Increase your Return on Investment

Cloud Migration Preparation

  • Assess IT infrastructure maturity
  • Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Cloud Performance Monitoring

  • Identify key performance indicators
  • Ensure Cloud resources performance

What do we do?

Cloud Technologies

Scale up to the sky with the top Cloud Service Providers at ixiono. Leading at global IT platform, ixiono is grateful to find itself favored with the latest technological resources that benchmark to provide your businesses the growth and technological soundness that will help them grow efficiently with time.

Our customized solutions are comprehensive and sophisticated which assures you in making the best use of your business resources to enhance productivity and profitability. With the use of a cloud-based approach, you can be sure of impeccable performance and quality.

Cloud-based Software Solutions

At ixiono, we offer you a lot with impeccable cloud-based software solutions. Adhering to cloud-based services from ixiono provides you freedom - the freedom to access all your services, databases, and apps right from the Internet. When you get accompanied by great cloud services, it helps you cut down heavy costs by saving on hardware and additional servers as everything is available in this superb online storage space.

We are determined to design such cloud solutions that are in perfect accordance with your customer needs, and this is what makes it special to be with us.
Saas: Software as a service
Iaas: Infrastructure as a service
Paas: Platform as a service

Cloud Solution Engineering

Our team at ixiono designs and builds custom cloud-agnostic and cloud-native solutions that are custom-made according to your business needs. We transform legacy systems into modern cloud applications and re-engineer them to enable relevant digital experiences. Molding all this work according to your need, we help you out gain access to the top-notch cloud expertise, quality cloud-based solutions either built, integrated, or migrated, and established processes and quality management standards.

Cloud Strategy

Here we get you a strategic vision for your cloud journey. Our experts, at ixiono, help you customize your plan to move to the cloud or to expand your present cloud deployment. Other than that we assist you in comprehending and discovering the clear advantages of cloud migration, receive a consistent vision of your future solution for your business, evaluate your infrastructure and cloud adoption ROI, and get going with a documented action plan.

Cloud Technology Consulting

We at ixiono, help you acquire industry-level solution and architecture design documentation that covers software, infrastructure, processes, security, and other architectural views too. Other than that, making your transition to the cloud smooth and painless is our priority, no matter if it’s the modernization of a solution or switching to a new one. We are intended to give you a comprehensive assessment of your cloud investment, a detailed migration plan with budget estimates, make you understand implementation risks, gaps, oversights and recommended solutions with reduced cloud implementation costs and avoid potential implementation pitfalls.

Cloud Automation

We use and implement various tools and processes in an effort to reduce the manual intervention associated with provisioning, configuring, and managing public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. Moreover incorporating cloud automation as a part of the cloud migration can contribute to additional cost savings due to the increase in productivity and the reduction of errors, so we work for you towards the same by manually deploying and operating functions such as scaling, provisioning, configuring resources, setting up virtual machines, and monitoring performance.

Cloud Optimization

In this part of the job our experts bring you reduced cloud storage costs, help you eliminate component duplication, balance workload performance and costs, improve cloud security, monitor user experience, distribute and optimize media and UI content, enhance API responses. Supervise you to meet high demands for offloads with private caching, lower origin traffic to reduce egress fees and origin-related costs, deliver consistent service worldwide, support live, on demand, and downloads with deployment options near your origin.

Why Us?

Our developers' design and build apps centered on the user's needs, resulting in the best mobile applications for you.

It takes less time to write only one codebase for all platforms so that you can get your app faster than ever before.

Our skilled mobile app developers are well-known for creating the best UI/UX designs for websites and mobile apps worldwide.

Using a single codebase for mobile and web apps increases your data saving capabilities and speeds up delivery.