ixiono is one of the well-known Fintech services provider companies that can streamline financial operations and processes. We create value for the business that can help the company to achieve efficiency. We help tech companies and startups to build growing software solutions in Fintech. We can provide customized blockchain-based solutions for different types of industries. Our experts can help you to automate the process, decentralize, and save costs.

Emerging Technology to increase business efficiency

Global Responsiveness

The faster delivery time and the personalized services across the different parts of the world have made us better global responsiveness. After connecting with ixiono, you can issue our services with a more personalized effect.

Competitor analysis

It is important to get the competitor analysis in any industry to make the business prosper. Our exceptional features make a thorough competitor analysis which can help the businesses to make a better decision for growth.

Expertise journey analysis

Our Fintech services can make a thorough analysis of the single journey through all the perspectives with the properly detailed reports. Therefore it can be beneficial to increase the product quality to the next level.

Wonderful design

Our Fintech services products are equipped with some well-researched designs with all the necessary features. The design can make give a simpler experience even for the most complex aspects.

Blockchain solutions for the financial technology industry.

As Blockchain develops rapidly, its applications make end-to-end transactions anonymous and ultimately resolve all concerns about global payment processing.

Real-time user experience – look beyond your local market

Our expert team in Fintech technology is dedicated to giving a fantastic financial journey with better visibility ratings and excellent utility. Here you can easily analyze the tackling of the standard functionalities of different brands. Our service will give you a new motivation to take your product to new heights.

Buy and sell Crypto in seconds – trade at the world’s largest crypto exchange with ixiono’s trust

We have a team of experts in financial services that can give an excellent customer experience to increase your outreach. You can have easier and safer trading with our conveniently built crypto technology. ixiono provides quality Fintech services at a very affordable cost with a pleasant experience on the digital channels.

AI and machine learning -Our unique and innovative model to address risk

We have better mechanisms to get the proper internal controls in the risk and improve the operational experience. Our machine learning can help to increase the credit score and get a better advantage with big data. You can easily explore over diverse industries and enter different financial services.

Crypto trade applications – We cover your back to start crypto trading in seconds

You can easily buy and sell various cryptocurrencies with credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts. You can easily detect the newer crypto assets in the spot trading pairs. Get on the board to leverage the opportunity to increase profits with more straightforward transfers.

Cryptocurrency trading –trading instruments and pairs of Cryptocurrency to trade the world

ixiono provides a fabulous platform to earn passive income through crypto-assets. Different customized investment programs and straightforward offerings are provided to understand the indices. You can secure all the transactions in Cryptocurrency trading to give better performance. All your investible crypto assets can become a great source of passive income gaining.

Structuring your wallet – Gain complete control of your cryptos and your keys

Here you can manage the cryptos and other keys in a better way with proper wallet structuring. Transfer crypto and wallet more easily within the limited network fee with magnificent speed. We use an authentic system along with encrypted private keys, a high level of security is provided.

Cryptocurrency payment – benefit from the leading mobile finance solutions

Get better authenticate transactions, without any third party and at an affordable cost. Your single wallet can handle different types of currency which are independent of government regulations and reasonable cost. The virtual currency transfer and quicker transactions can help you to get the confidence of more people.

Fintech transactions

Trust ixiono to mediate secure Fintech transactions

Trusted Transactions

Safe and secure transactions are one of the first priorities for anybody. We stand strongly for this to provide the proper data privacy and security for all the transactions. Our secure enclave will encrypt the important information locally and proper authentication is used during transactions.

Protection against withdrawals

Our Fintech services give more priority to provide better protection while withdrawals, so we impart stringent protocols and security controls. We make sure that the security of the investors and their assets are appropriately protected.

Screening on all transactions

Our software is built in a clustered ay that ensures the screening of all the transactions is done authentically. The transactions are protected with the proper passwords, email, phone, and other authentication indicators.

Stringent checks on deposits

It is a very complex process when it comes to investing in crypto, so keep some of the stricter indices while doing deposits. We give very simple and highly selective options for the clients to make their process easier. We ensure that the rebalancing is made periodically, real-time calculations, and other related aspects are done properly.