Yes, with the power of distributed ledger technology, blockchain facilitates recording transactions and tracking assets in any business network, and thus, with the help of advanced features like transparency, immutability and decentralization blockchain is becoming more beneficial for the banking sector globally. Banking is the most popular domain of blockchain because of security and speed concerns.
The global blockchain in the banking sector estimates about 4112.5 million dollars by 2029, along with a CAGR of 18.4%


Less Speed Transaction

The speed, being a potential benefit of blockchain technology for banking, not only enhances efficiency but also provides a new level of transparency and security. Apart from increasing the processing speed of transactions, blockchain gives perfect weapon for proper customer verification and stumbling Anti Money Laundering (AML) policies faced in traditional banking,

Cost Intensive

The distributed existence eliminates the need for intermediaries to authorize financial transactions (fees) between consumers. This offers a cheaper and easier way to exchange currency at lower rates than bank charges, eliminating third party intermediaries and overhead costs for exchanging assets.

Convenience Privacy

Blockchain implementations promote the creation of a public record of activity in the ecosystem to which all market participants have access in real time, while the private key is shared only between the stakeholders participating in the transaction. Thus transaction becomes visible to all without details (only for those having private key). Thus, blockchain maintains transparency while managing the confidential data of the stakeholders.


The transparent secured nature of blockchain is the sole reason for its adoption into various industries for growth and development. Then, how banking sector will alone be an exception to this scenario? Blockchain can transform the banking process in a more secure, reliable, efficient, transparent and flexible way, preventing fraudulent practices to continue.


E-KYC with biometric facial recognition

The Blockchain KYC Solution, from ixiono is a ground-breaking RegTech innovation that allows for smooth, secure, and speedier data transactions for the Know Your Customer (KYC) process for banks, enhancing the client experience by lowering onboarding wait times and providing real-time visibility into all shared data. In addition to this, we also offer biometric face recognition owing to the simplicity it provides without jeopardizing transaction security.

Intelligent Collateral Management

Tracking and managing of collaterals (such as loans, CDs, credit and debit status, and so on) is one of major highlights of our blockchain solution. Each collateral is tracked as a distinct digital asset, tracing from the origination, providing a trail of records, and operating as a single source of truth. For collateral on the blockchain network, loans are safely tracked through Smart Contracts built a blockchain-based collateral system.

Wallet Development

ixiono offers cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to earn, track, and send virtual currencies, and only blockchain technology allows such cryptocurrency transactions. Our Smart contracts embedded crypto-wallet can assist borrowers in making their payments. If the borrower fails to pay timely installments, late fees are added to the actual amount and upgraded on the ledger. Custodial and non-custodial wallets are both possible with ixiono. The term "mobile wallet" refers to a cryptocurrency wallet that is highly functional and accessible from any mobile device.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

The accounting module of our blockchain offerings play a crucial role the banking simplifying compliance and streamlining the conventional double-entry bookkeeping methods. Despite keeping separate records of transaction receipts, the transaction can be directly added to the joint distributed register using blockchain, ensuring total transparency and security of banking data. Thus providing a comprehensive digital notary for verifying the transaction details, Smart contracts in our Blockchain-powered accounting and bookkeeping improves efficiency, reporting, and data access.

Solution for retail banking

Despite numerous obstacles, including mergers, rebranding, remodeling, and expansion, retail banking has become increasingly important due to the wonderful consumer experience. Streamline Your retail operations using ixiono's CMS and eliminate maintenance disarray with our simple operation management for retail banking.

Smart Banking App

ixiono offers smart Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) which can be operated across all major platforms without requiring users to download anything. Customers can now conduct financial transactions using PWAs, which represent the future of app development. Data, applications, and channels may all be effortlessly integrated on this platform. ixiono's Instant App Development Platform allows businesses to quickly provide digital engagements to their clients with a highly agile and lightweight computing platform.

Instant Credit Reports

Our Blockchain tools in banking help to get loans quickly based on their credit history. Lenders take a lot of time in reviewing the credit history. The credit report containing a detailed breakdown of an individual’s credit history prepared by a credit bureau provided by third parties are not available for small business owners. This type of credit history report helps lenders determining loan applicants’ creditworthiness. Blockchain tools can serve the purpose of making such credit reports for lenders. These reports ensure accuracy, transparency and secure distribution.